How We Colour Our Paint

The Color Guild involves more than 55 independent paint manufacturers from 16 different countries who have combined interests to ensure that the marketing, promotion and selling of paint products meet the highest standards available. Imperial stockists are hereby provided with the very latest in local and international trends to stay abreast of consumers demands and maximise sales.

In order to market these high quality paint products in a competitive retail environment Imperial Paints has linked with a world class marketing partner for the supply of top quality point-of-sale marketing material in the form of fan-decks, take-home colour chips and colour cards on an attractive display stand for the retailer to allow the consumer to choose from.

This colour selection is known as the internationally recognised Color Is system which has been developed by the world-wide Color Guild (in association with Duha-Canada) of which Excelsior has is a member. 

The “Color Is” colour system comprises of 1320 different colours to embrace all popular modern colour selections.